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Selected Discography:

  • All CDs as well as Carlos Bica's Song Book can be ordered from the artist directly: carlos@carlosbica.de

I Am The Escaped One
Clean Feed Records

Carlos Bica (bass) Daniel Erdmann (sax tenor) DJ Illvibe (turntables)

Carlos Bica & AZUL - "More Than This"
Twenty years after the release of their first album, Carlos Bica & Azul with Frank Möbus and Jim Black are back, with a new-found freshness and wanting to go further. We can still recognise the identity of Bica's writing and the sound of these three jazz masters of the 21st century, but there's something more and completely unexpected...a remake of an old american folk song, blues mixed with rock, meditative and lyrical music, jovial and good-humorous tunes and others exploding into frescoes of great complexity. Twenty years later, they can still surprise us. Better than ever. R.E.P.

Carlos Bica (bass) Frank Möbus (electric guitar) Jim Black (drums, percussion)

Carlos Bica & AZUL - "Things About"
The fifth album by Carlos Bica's Azul, the double bassist and composer's trio with the colourful guitarist Frank Möbus and the drummer extraordinaire Jim Black, is a brilliant new step of a singular project started in 1996. And singular because of the unusual mix of elements that, once more, we find in “Things About”: indie jazz fed by the energy and the unquiet pulse of rock, with song formats coming from pop and the lyrical, melancholic emotionality typical of the Portuguese folk music.

Carlos Bica (bass) Frank Möbus (electric guitar) Jim Black (drums, percussion)

“Carlos Bica + Matéria-Prima”
confirms Bica as one of Portugal’s most important jazz musicians and reaffirms his key role in the development of new perspectives for Portuguese jazz. The CD is packed with songs recorded at three memorable concerts in three memorable locations, Culturgest, Casa da Música and Museu do Oriente.
Feat.: Carlos Bica - double bass / Matthias Schriefl - trumpet, flugelhorn, melodica / João Paulo - piano, keyboards, accordion / Mário Delgado - electric guitar / João Lobo - drums, percussion

Carlos Bica & AZUL - "Believer" (ENJA 9458 2)
"Believer" is Azul's fourth album celebrating this Portuguese-German-American band's 10th anniversary. As visionary and sophisticated as its predecessors, the new album in addition features the turntablism of DJ Illvibe (aka Vincent von Schlippenbach)... [more]
Carlos Bica (bass) Frank Möbus (electric guitar) Jim Black (drums, percussion)

Carlos Bica - "Single" (Bor Land)
In October 2005 Bor Land released Carlos Bica's first bass solo CD. This album was recorded at the RBB Studios in Berlin. The CD was nominated by the portuguese music magazin "Blitz" as one of the Top 4 CDs in Portugal of the year.... [more]
Carlos Bica (bass)

Carlos Bica & AZUL - "Look What They've Done To My Song" (ENJA 9458 2)
Now this is Azul's third strike. Again it is Frank Möbus on guitar, one of Europe's leading guitarists and leader of the band Der Rote Bereich, and Seattle-born Jim Black on drums who brings in some Knitting Factory adventure... [more]
Carlos Bica (bass) Frank Möbus (electric guitar) Jim Black (drums, percussion)

Carlos Bica & Ana Brandão - "DIZ" (Enja 9414 2)
"...an elegy of beauty" TIP, Berlin
Started by a commission from Expo 1998 in Lisbon, Bica developed his new project "Diz" (which means "Talk") together with extraordinary new singer Ana Brandão, probably a major voice on the scene in the near future... [more]
Ana Brandão (vocal) Carlos Bica (double bass) João Paulo (piano) Katharina Gramss (violin) Mike Rutledge (viola)

Carlos Bica & AZUL - "Twist" (Enja 9386 2)
This is the follow-up to Carlos Bica's widely acclaimed best-selling album "Azul" that earned delighted reviews everywhere and was voted Jazz Album of the Year in Portugal... [more]
Carlos Bica (bass) Frank Möbus (electric guitar) Jim Black (drums, percussion) Ana Brandao (vocal)

Carlos Bica & AZUL - "AZUL" feat. Ray Anderson and Maria João
(Polygram/Emarcy 532951 2, 1996)
Widely acclaimed best-selling album “Azul” earned delighted reviews everywhere and was voted Jazz Album of the year in Portugal in 1996. Bridging Portuguese roots with creative freedom à la Knitting Factory, Azul gives a new and airy definition of guitar trio aesthetics. [more]
Carlos Bica (bass) Frank Möbus (electric guitar) Jim Black (drums, percussion) Maria Joao (voc) Ray Anderson (tb)

Bica / Klammer / Kalima- "A Chama Do Sol"
Sven Klammer - "Nevs" (NABEL CD 4703)

“Treffen sich ein portugiesischer Kontrabassist, ein deutscher Trompeter und ein finnischer Gitarrist in, und was tun sie? Gründen ein Trio. Carlos Bica und Kalle Kalima haben sich schon mit eigenen ungewöhnlichen Trios (Azul, Klima Kalima, Johnny La Marama), Sven Klammer bei Thärichens Tentett allerhand Freunde gemacht. In ihrem gemeinsamen Projekt verknüpfen sie einen virtuos-kammermusikalischen Ansatz mit dem ungeschliffenen Charme von Volksmusik: hier eine mariachiartige Trompete, da ein Tango-Rhythmus; mal ein sephardisches Schlaf-, mal ein nordportugiesisches Liebeslied als Basis eigener Stücke. Und die einzige Fremdkomposition, David Bowies "The man Who Sold the World", hat man so auch noch nie gehört-als Tango auf der Melodica.” Fono Forum 04.2006

Sven Klammer (tp), Carlos Bica (b), Kalle Kalima (g)

Tuomi - "Tightrope Walker"
The remarkable debut CD of Tuomi...
(Traumton CD 4480)
Kristiina Tuomi (voc), Carlos Bica (bass), Carsten Daerr (p)

Sven Klammer - "Nevs"
Sven Klammer - "Nevs" (Mons MR 874-385)

“Sven Klammer und das Trio Tino Derado/Carlos Bica/John Ruocco bringen mit ihrem wunderbar melancholischen Album "Nevs" die Sehnsucht und Schwermut des Südens ins Haus...Wenn man den Verdienst von Musik mit der Entführung des Hörers in eine schönere Welt umschreiben kann, hat das Quartett um den gefühlvollen Flügelhornisten Sven Klammer alle Bedingungen mit Bravour und Sentiment erfüllt. Derados Akkordeon erzählt, flüstert, singt im Dialog mit Ruoccos klagender Klarinette vor dem Hintergrund des sensiblen Basses Bicas, der sich hier eindeutig in die Spitzengruppe der zeitgenössischen Jazz-Kontrabassisten spielt. Brillant!” Franz Becker, Online Musik Magazine

Sven Klammer (tp), feat.: John Ruocco (cl), Tino Derado (acc), Carlos Bica (bass)

Gebhard Ullman/Jens Thomas feat. Carlos Bica - "Essencia" (Between the Lines / EFA 10187 2)

"Hearing Essencia is like discovering Charlie Haden for the first time..."
Phillip McNally, Cadence Magazine, New York

"... rife with new methods of creating contrasting melody, gentle and hipnotising"
Daniel Piotrowski, Jazz Times

"...there is a feeling of inevitability at the end of each track, and ultimately the whole album. Highly recommended."
Budd Kopman, All about Jazz

Gebhard Ullmann (bcl, ss, ts) Carlos Bica (bass) Jens Thomas (piano)

Paul Brody's Tango Toy - "The South Klezmer Suite"
(Laika Records 3510170 2)
Paul Brody (Trompete) Carlos Bica (Kontrabass) Andreas Schmidt (Flügel) Michael Griener (Schlagzeug)

Paul Brody's Tango Toy - "Klezmer Stories"
(Laika Records 3510122 2)
Paul Brody (trumpet, composer) Jens Thomas (piano) Carlos Bica (bass) Rainer Winch (drums)

João Paulo/Carlos Bica/Peter Epstein - "Almas"
(M.A Recordings M049A)
João Paulo (piano) Peter Epstein (alto and soprano sax) Carlos Bica (bass)

João Paulo/Carlos Bica/Peter Epstein - "O exilio"
(M.A Recordings M045A)
João Paulo: piano and composition Peter Epstein: soprano and alto saxophones Carlos Bica: bass

Maria João & Grupo Cal Viva - "Sol"(Enja 7001 2)
"SOL" is a beautiful example how a native musical tradition can be transformed into contemporary expression through the language of jazz.
Maria João (voc), Mário Laginha (p), José Peixoto (g), Carlos Bica (b), José Salgueiro (dr, perc), Arménio de Melo (portuguese guitar)

Cal Viva - "Cal Viva"
(Playon 9003 2, 1991)
José Peixoto (g), Carlos Bica (b), Martin Fredebeul (as, ss, cl), Gilson de Assis (per), featuring Maria João (voc)

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