Playing with Beethoven

25 May 2020

A double bass, a saxophone, a pair of turntables and a piano – this unconventional lineup has taken up the audacious task of reinterpreting the legacy of Beethoven on the occasion of the famous composer’s 250th birth anniversary.

But how do you recreate Beethoven’s work when it is already perfect?

Carlos Bica’s “romantic” melodic approach, equally steeped in jazz, classical music and popular Portuguese tradition, Daniel Erdmann’s elegant and liberal musical discourse meandering beyond the confines of so-called free jazz, DJ Illvibe’s multitudes of sonic colours that are indeed crazy excavations from an obsessed DJ’s gold mines of sounds, and João Paulo Esteves da Silva’s fascinating musicality combining the language of jazz with his unique Portuguese sensibility, together, these four artists accepted Cine-Teatro Louletano’s challenge to rediscover and breathe new life into Beethoven’s body of work.

Carlos Bica – double bass
Daniel Erdmann – tenor saxophone
DJ Illvibe – turntables
João Paulo Esteves da Silva – piano

PREMIERE [comission]
4 and 5 September 2021
Loulé / Portugal

„I Am The Escaped One“ Carlos Bica. Daniel Erdmann.
DJ Illvibe

„I Am The Escaped One“ Carlos Bica. Daniel Erdmann. DJ Illvibe

9 September 2019

I Am The Escaped One „…it’s the top of my list for 2019.“  # One Man’s Jazz

„I Am The Escaped One“ (2019) is the most recent album by bassist Carlos Bica. The album is uncategorisable, the saxophon’s Daniel Erdmann’s playing fits whatever the mood calls for, but it’s the work of turntable artist DJ Illvibe that turns this album on its head. DJ Illvibe is certainly the most inventive practitioner of his art that I’ve heard and I guess you might expect serious musical chops from the son of renowned avantgarde pianist Alexander von Schlippenbach. Vincent von Schlippenbach throws in snippets of vocals, Vinyls, strange sounds, atmospheric bits that bounce off and mash with Erdmann’s hard-nosed Saxophone and Bica who constantly demonstrates just about every imaginable thing that a bassist can do with the accoustic bass. The only limits to this recording are probably one’s imagination.

I highly recommend I Am The Escaped One and it’s the top of my list for 2019.“

– One Man’s Jazz, Maurice Hogue, Canada – “The 2019 Favourite Albums show”, January 2020