Carlos Bica

Carlos Bica SINGLE

Carlos Bica – double bass

SINGLE reveals the urgent desire of following pure intuition without questioning how or why. Here musician and instrument meet, while both are independent and discover each other simultaneously.

In October 2005 Bor Land Records released SINGLE, Carlos Bica’s first bass solo CD. This album was recorded at the Radio Berlin-Brandenburg Studios and was nominated by the music magazine “Blitz” as one of the best albums of the year in Portugal.


Carlos Bica has never been a conventional jazz musician. A classically trained musician, he grew up listening to pop-rock and playing jazz and improvised music. Even if not always obvious all of these influences coexist in his music. He is one of those musicians who always remained open to new directions, but never had he gone as far in an album, with its suspensions, silences, subtle construction of melodies, and emotional envelopments, where the bass creates rhythms and harmonies approaching traditional music, contemporary sources, and the sound poem, all with the expressive faculties of the instrument intuitively explored.
– O Público, Vítor Belanciano