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Carlos Bica & AZUL - "Look What They've Done To My Song"

"Now this is Azul's third strike. Definitely one of the hottest breezes blowing these days."

Carlos Bica & AZUL - "Look What They've Done To My Song"

Line-up: Carlos Bica (db), Frank Möbus (g), Jim Black (dr)

1. Waiting For Tom (5:08) 2. Password (3:50) 3. Chao (5:42) 4. Look What They've Done To My Song (5:01) 5. Episódio (3:13) 6. New World (5:12) 7. The Navigator (4:10) 8. Clara Linda (3:46) 9. Bela (4:59) 10. Herancas (4:34) 11. Durme (5:38)

Compact Disc ENJ-9458 2 DDD; total time: 51'48; rec. July 2002

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About the CD:

Double bass player and composer Carlos Bica is among the most prolific and innovative sound artists of Portugal where he was voted "Jazz Musician of the Year" in 1998. He is also well acknowledged outside of his home country: "A first-class virtuoso" (Berlin's TIP magazine). "Both a remarkable composer and musician who knows how to mix his folkloric, lyrical roots with any modern style he encounters" (Double Bassist). Bica gained international fame through his work with such as Maria Joao, Kenny Wheeler, Ray Anderson, Aki Takase, and Paolo Fresu.

In 1996, Bica's debut album "Azul" was voted Jazz Record of the Year in Portugal. Three years later, his trio Azul recorded the follow-up "Twist" which became equally successful. "A masterwork" (Jazz Podium). "CD of the month" (Stereo). "Excellent and transparent ensemble playing and intimate interaction" (Double Bassist). "Unusually conceived and often poetic" (Jazz Journal).

Now this is Azul's third strike. Again it is Frank Möbus on guitar, one of Europe's leading guitarists and leader of the band Der Rote Bereich, and Seattle-born Jim Black on drums who brings in some Knitting Factory adventure. The three of them deliver a fresh and funny, naughty and original mixture of ironical guitar rock, refined modern jazz and transformed folk elements that come out of Portuguese, Sephardic and North African origins.

The title tune, an adaptation of Melanie's hippie hymn "What Have They Done To My Song, Ma", gets the stylistic bordercrossing to the point: It's Flower Power passing Bica's lyrical Portuguese soul and translated into guitar cries and jazz beats. Southernish lightness with a touch of downtown hipness and a twist of rock: This could be an appropriate description. Definitely one of the hottest breezes blowing these days.


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