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Carlos Bica & AZUL - "Believer"

"Southern lightness, highly energetic density, humorous playfulness..." Jazzthetik magazine

Carlos Bica & AZUL - "Believer"

Line-up: Carlos Bica (db), Frank Möbus (g), Jim Black (dr), DJ Illvibe (turntables) (on 5 tracks)

1. Iceland (4:26) 2. Alguem Olhará Por TI (4:33) 3. White Wall (2:13) 4. P Beat (2:41) 5. Smile (2:02) 6. Catch The Cat (2:02) 7. Luscious (4:14) 8. Marinha Grunge (2:56) 9. Portuguese Seaman (2:23) 10. John Wayne (4:21) 11. Believer (9:38) 12. Vergiss Nicht (3:57) 13. Through The Mirror (4:12)

Compact Disc ENJ-9493 2 DDD; total time: 49'38;

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About the CD:

"The first real jazz star of the decade" (Frankfurter Allg. Zeitung), Carlos Bica is both a remarkable composer and outstanding bass player. He has the rare ability to write melodies that essentially are songs without words, haunting and unforgettable. Inspired by many different sources -- classical music, jazz, rock, pop, fado, world music, folk --, Bica's music always possesses a special atmosphere of poetry and magic. He started his trio Azul in the nineties incorporating obstinate guitar genius Frank Möbus (leader of Der Rote Bereich) and fascinating drum wizard Jim Black (of Dave Douglas fame) into a unique ensemble concept. The three of them go for a fresh mixture of jazz beats, rock twists and Mediterranean melodicism and a soundscape repeatedly compared to Radiohead and Tortoise. "The musicians dare to leave open spaces -- one of the most obvious strengths of the trio," says Jazzthetik magazine. "Southern lightness, highly energetic density, humorous playfulness, dramatic heaviness -- all that comes together for a stimulating palette of blue shades."

"Believer" is Azul's fourth album celebrating this Portuguese-German-American band's 10th anniversary. Says bandleader Bica: "The focus is on the songs, not on the musicians, yet at the same time there is a lot of space for the musicians' own expressions - which is what makes this music different from pop music." As visionary and sophisticated as its predecessors, the new album in addition features the turntablism of DJ Illvibe (aka Vincent von Schlippenbach) who is best known as a member of Berlin's dancehall projects Seeed and Lychee Lassi. His participation partly sounds as if 'produced' but was actually created in a totally spontaneous studio session. Pushed by DJ Illvibe's scratch sounds Azul's multi-urban grooves open a bright window into the future.


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