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Projects: Trio Bica / Klammer / Kalima

Carlos Bica, Portugal (b) - Sven Klammer, Germany (tp) - Kalle Kalima, Finland (g)

Like Paris in the fifties, Berlin is nowadays well known as a refuge for the creative elite of jazz. Part of the local jazz scene in town are Carlos Bica, Kalle Kalima and Sven Klammer. Names, that have already gained a lot of recognition far beyond the city's borders.

Southern romanticism, dramatic Gravity and humorous playfulness - all that you can find in the versatility of this Trio.

Portuguese bassist and composer Carlos Bica is one of the most skilled and innovative jazzmusicians of his country. In Portugal, his debut album "Azul" (Polygram records 1996) was voted "jazz album of the year". He himself was chosen to be the "jazz musician of the year" two years later and his following recordings "Twist" and "Diz" (ENJA) were celebrated by the press.

Kalle Kalima is one of the most interesting young musicians of the finnish jazz scene. Now living in Berlin, he has found his own unique style following the tradition of the masters of his instrument.

A versatile trumpeter and composer, Sven Klammer can not be pinned down in a specific style category. He is constantly seeking for new ways of expression by crossing the borders of jazz and classical music and won the international Gustav Mahler composition contest in Klagenfurt (A) in 2001.

The band had its first concert in June 2002 at the international Jazz festival "Jazz aux Oudayas" in Rabat, Marocco, followed by an appearance at the "Nomad music festival" in Lisbon in Oct 2002.

More about Kalle Kalima: www.kallekalima.com

More about Sven Klammer: www.svenklammer.com

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