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Projects: Diz

Started by a commission from Expo 1998 in Lisbon, Bica developed his new project "Diz" (which means "Talk") together with extraordinary new singer Ana Brandão, probably a major voice on the scene in the near future. One of Portugal's most promising actresses in films and at Lisbon's Teatro O Bando, her adventurous vocal art gives an inspiring freshness to this music.

A project both complex and humorous, "Diz" was hailed by the Portuguese press as a "wonderful surprise" on stage: "The work resounds with strains of jazz, contemporary improvised music, chansons and other cultural elements from folk and contemporary classical music."

Fascinated by the blend of strings and voice, Carlos Bica uses two more string players in this band: violinist Katharina Gramss (a member of folk band "Nem Gayda", pop group "Das Holz" and several chamber ensembles) and viola player Mike Rutledge (a member of string group "String Thing" and founder of the "G-String Ensemble").

The quintet is completed by Portuguese pianist João Paulo, an experienced player in jazz, pop, fado, folk and classical music and an arranger for Portuguese singer Misia. Crossing stylistic borders between chamber music, Portuguese feeling, jazz and the art of song, "Diz" is a perfect and highly virtuosic addition to ENJA's NOVA series - both serious and entertaining.

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