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Carlos Bica & AZUL | Carlos Bica + Matéria-Prima | MOVE String Quartet
"Single" Kontrabass Solo | Carlos Bica + João Paulo Esteves da Silva | Berlinesk Quartet

Carlos Bica & Azul

Line-up: Carlos Bica (bass) Frank Möbus (electric guitar) Jim Black (dr, perc)

Azul"Azul" earned delighted reviews everywhere and was voted Jazz Album of the Year in Portugal. The band played big European festivals (e.g. Lissabon, Berlin, Nuremberg) and did several radio productions. Bridging Portuguese roots with creative freedom à la Knitting Factory, Azul gives a new and airy definition of guitar trio aesthetics. [more]  

Carlos Bica + Matéria-Prima

Line-up: Carlos Bica (bass), Matthias Schriefl (trumpet, flugelhorn, melodica), João Paulo (piano, keyboards, accordion), Mário Delgado (electric guitar), João Lobo (drums, percussion)

Carlos Bica + Matéria-PrimaThis album confirms Bica as one of Portugal's most important jazz musicians and reaffirms his key role in the development of new perspectives for Portuguese jazz. The CD is packed with songs recorded at three memorable concerts in three memorable locations, Culturgest, Casa da Música and Museu do Oriente. [more]

MOVE String Quartet

Line-up: Susanne Paul (cello), Gerður Gunnarsdóttir (violin), Ari Poutiainen (viola), Carlos Bica (bass)

Susanne Paul's MOVE String Quartet explores a string-specific perspective on jazz, deeply rooted in sounds and techniques that are natural to string instruments. It merges modern jazz and European musical traditions into a unique style of its own. The inventive compositions shape concise musical brushstrokes into intense chamber music, always subtly rooted in groove. The unconventional line-up with a double bass makes for an especially rich, warm quartet sound. The quartet's accomplished musicians easily find the right balance between the freedom of improvisation and the subtleties of the compositions. The MOVE String Quartet's lineup is international (from Germany/USA, Iceland, Finland, Portugal) and based in Berlin. www.movequartet.com

"Single" - Double Bass Solo

Line-up: Carlos Bica (bass)

Carlos Bica…his play gives us the impression as if musician and instrument were just one. (Nürnberger Nachrichten)

"Single" is also the title of the double bass solo CD that was recorded at the RadioBerlinBrandenburg Studios and that will be released in 2005 by BorLand Records.

Carlos Bica & João Paulo Esteves da Silva

Line-up: Carlos Bica (bass), João Paulo (piano)

Carlos Bica

Berlinesk Quartet

Line-up:Otis Sandsjö (tenor sax), Peter Meyer (e. guitar), Carlos Bica (bass), Andi Haberl (drums)

Carlos Bica


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