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Carlos Bica | Azul: 'Things About' | Carlos Bica + Matéria-Prima | Azul: 'Believer' | Carlos Bica 'Single' | Azul: 'Look What They've Done...' | Diz | Azul: 'Twist'

the press about Carlos Bica

Carlos Bica not only has outstanding mastery of his instrument but also utilises an invertive style of writing music [...] The restrained strategic approach by Carlos Bica forms a basis to the work, unifying a huge variety of influences. The work resounds with strains of jazz, comtemporary improvised music, chansons and other cultural elements from folk and contemporary classical music " (Diário De Notícias)

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the press about Azul - "More Than This"

... Azul is one of the most significant and fertile trios of this moment next to other guitar-bass-drums trios like that of Bill Frisell, bassist Tony Scherr and drummer Kenny Wollesen, of Julian Lagge, bassist Scotte Colley and Kenny Wollesen or of Jakob Bro, bassist Thomas Morgan and drummer Joey Baron respectively Jon Christensen. More Than This is what it says. It is ultimate emergent melodic music on an unusual high level of variation that makes the song sing in captivating ways. allaboutjazz.com

the press about Azul - "Things About"

Double bassist and composer Carlos Bica has carved out a jazz niche for himself with his inventive style of avant-lyrical jazz fused with Portuguese folk music. With Frank Mobus on guitar and Jim Black on drums, this is yet one more fantastic release. Their first album came 15 years ago, a nice long stretch to develop an empathic bond for each others sound and ideas. Things About is a pleasantly laid-back affair (for the most part), with Mobus's inquisitive guitar giving an eerie heard-but-not-seen, in-the-shadows effect, the footsteps echoing through Black's percussive accompaniment, as Bica prowls alongside both, close but just out of reach. On the Clean Feed label, which is often characterized by its artists love of dissonance; Bica has consistently applied a lighter touch to that aesthetic and has lately recorded albums drowned in tranquility. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. 17 Dots, Jazz Picks by Dave Sumner

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the press about Carlos Bica + Matéria-Prima

“Carlos Bica + Matéria-Prima” confirms Bica as one of Portugal’s most important jazz musicians and reaffirms his key role in the development of new perspectives for Portuguese jazz. The CD is packed with songs recorded at three memorable concerts in three memorable locations, Culturgest, Casa da Música and Museu do Oriente.

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the press about Azul - "Beliver"

Azul celebrate their ten-year anniversary with their excellent album “Believer”. It is the kind of jazz that cannot be completed, that searches and researches. It is therefore also much more precious – since it passes hills and valleys, oceans and tides without settling down – jazz without limits. Correio da Manhã

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the press about Carlos Bica - "Single"

"Im Eröffnungsstück „A Luz da Rosa“ ist es zunächst nur ein einzelner Ton, schmal und lang gezogen, der hereinschwebt. Dann folgt ein kurzer Tanz auf dem Griffbrett, dezente Mehrstimmigkeit blitzt auf. Bica betrachtet hier und im Folgenden zunächst jeden Stein des Klangmosaiks für sich..." Thorsten Meyer

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the press about Azul - "Look What They've Done To My Song"

"The music of Carlos Bica is exciting, modern, and contagious. Bica is an attentive listener of the outside world - from which his modernity derives- and an innate songwriter. He interprets the world and plays it in melodies that we can hum or sing."
Leonel Santos "All Jazz"

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the press about Diz

"Music with a cross-over atmosphere […] With good humour and a good measure of cheek on stage, Carlos Bica, Ana Brandão and the ensemble "DIZ" break through musical boundaries […] a musical portrait taken from a greater identity and aesthetic polyvalence." (Público)

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the press about Azul - "Twist"

"Azul has a great spectrum – not at least because the musicians represent very different musical cultures thanks to their origins. This results in an emotionally stamped searching for new sounds."
A Capital, Portugal

"This disc could get cult status" (5 Stars) Fono Forum
"A master work" Jazz Podium
"CD of the month" Stereo Magazine
"Azul's music on "Twist" is a feast of melodies and emotions - thoroughly inventive, surprising and bold" H.J.S

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