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the press - about 'Diz'

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'Grandiose music. A real masterpiece'
(Jazz Podium on the CD 'Diz')

'...an elegy of beauty'
(tip Berlin)

"Music with a cross-over atmosphere […] With good humour and a good measure of cheek on stage, Carlos Bica, Ana Brandão and the ensemble "DIZ" break through musical boundaries […] a musical portrait taken from a greater identity and aesthetic polyvalence [… ] The songs, on the one hand serious and dramatic, on the other hand laden with humorous texts. All radiate a power that illuminates complex musical structures, played with a high level of technical accomplishment by the musicians."


"A wonderful surprise, that sprang from far beyond the expectations of the listeners […] The quality of the project is proven by the richness of the compositions in conjunction with one of the best voices around […] Ana Brandão, through the art of her singing and by her physical performance, fulfills her role with indescribable ability."

"Correio Da Manhã"


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