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Carlos Bica - "Single"

CD- Cover ENJ-9414 2

Besetzung: Carlos Bica (double bass)

1. 1. A Luz da Rosa, 2. Hank, 3. Softly As..., 4. Agora, 5. Al Legno, 6. Martelato, 7. Introducäo/Chäo e Bolero, 8. Vero, 9. Ay! Linda Amiga, 10. White Wall, 11. Danca Para um Folclore Imaginário, 12. Mr. Brody, 13. Pelas Sombras da Noite Adentro, 14. Cancäo Para o Minho, 15. A Porta, 16. California is Waiting for Tom, 17. E o Tempo Deixou de Existir

Compact Disc BOR LAND-9414 2 rec. Oct 2005 (Willi Leopold/Wolfgang Hoff, RBB Studios; prod. Carlos Bica)

About the CD:

SINGLE, Carlos Bica’s first double bass solo CD, reveals the urgent desire of following pure intuition without questioning how or why. Here musician and instrument meet, while both are independent and discover each other simultaneously.

"I recorded this CD to explore the expressive range of the double bass. The bass as a purely solo instrument is still unknown even to experienced listeners. This recording captures its sound as natural as possible without the tricks of a modern digital studio". (C. B.)

“Single” was recorded at Berlin-Brandenburg Radio’s studio and was released by Bor Land Records. This album was nominated by the portuguese music magazin "Blitz" as one of the Top 4 CDs in Portugal of the year 2005.


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